Saturday, February 7, 2009

a little out of order PAPER MAKING

Here is my experience making paper for my wedding invitations i really
don't think i will ever make this amount of hand made paper again in my life but it was fun and i do want to make some more some day! so these steps are not really for following just so you can see what we did :)

Step:1 we shred newsprint and blend it one part newsprint two parts
water and add green acrylic paint to color it it ends up looking like
something from ghostbusters hehehe

Step:2 then we put about one blender-full per Tub of water and
sifted the paper pulp around on a canvas frame with screen
duck taped on (hot pink ducktape to be exact!)

Step:3 gently swaying the screen back and forth we would
get a some what even coat of pulp on the screen

Step:4 you then sponge off as much moisture as possible
using a blotting cloth of some kind

Step:5 enslave a friend to help you put the paper onto a
screen or glass surface to dry :)

i found this a year later gee it would have helped :P